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Here are just a few stories that might be helpful to you.

From Delaware Stars parents:

"My child benefits from being in a Delaware Stars program because it helps him learn skills that will help him in kindergarten and the rest of his education."
– Jennifer Stoner
"Laila has shown great improvement since being in a Delaware Stars program. She is learning the fundamental skills she needs to advance to the next level and talks about what she’s learning so I can reinforce her education at home."
– April Turner
"The Delaware Stars system helped us identify which programs were the best available. When I visited a 5 Star program, I immediately knew that there was something different about it, and that I had found the right place for Oliver."
– Meredith Tweedie
"Delaware Stars is a great program! I know that my son is in a loving and nurturing place where he will learn."
– Phylica Wolker

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